Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fave movies [OMG I'm so late T^T]

I'm not much of a fan when it comes to going to cinemas and watching any kind of movie- no really. Most of the time I'd rather watch DVDs at home or not bother seeing a film at all. But there are some flicks that had caught my eye- by pure chance of being forced to watch it or I was asked to come along.

One of those films would have to be 'Series of Unfortunate Events'- you know, the one that came from the book by Lemony Snicket? That was really great. I mean, it's not kid stuff, and it has a deep and mysterious (so to say, >.>) plot that cannot be finished with just one film. Yes, dear readers, there should- there MUST be a sequel.

Another would be the DN live action movie. It's expected, really, since right now I'm a rabid fan of Death note (forever more <3),>

I have a really long list, but I think I should end it with this last [but not the least] movie that I had enjoyed watching...surprisingly, when I was still...young. Yeah, let's put it that way. So prepare to be amazed or to ROFLMAO.

I <3>D

It's for kids. No really. And as everyone should know, it's by Disney. But I like it. YES. YOU HEARD IT RIGHT: JEANELLE SAAVEDRA, THE FAMOUS MASS-MURDERER [cough xD Pangarap.], LIKES THIS KIDDY MOVIE. Don't get me wrong. I just like funny stuff. Haha.
But I must leave now. Sadly, this stupid blog is going to get a really low grade- since I wasn't able to take a picture of that stupid orchid. DAAAMN. >.<
Ja ne! :3

Monday, March 10, 2008

Family day.

Though family days here are not like what I'm used to, they're still very enjoyable.

No, this year's family day was incredible. Sure, the programs were the same as of last year (surprise?), but that doesn't really matter. I've enjoyed myself- really- this time.

My parents aren't pricks. No, I love them so much that it leads to the point where I'm not really ashamed of them. Sure they're crazy sometimes, but where do you think I got my genes? LOL. xDD

After dinner most of the class decided to play a nice, harmless game of hide-and-seek, while our parents busied themselves talking to each other or watching the programs.

It was dark and almost isolated by the lagoon, but as a whole class, who would be scared? Screw those people who decided to trick others and ditch them...heck, I was almost a victim, but I got away. >D Oh well. So much for a good prankster.

And the fireworks were fun and pretty. I haven't got much to say, so we'll leave it at that. If you want a more detailed article, why don't you read my other classmates' blogs? I really don't give a hoot.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Valentines gifts...? Why so late...?


Anyway, here they are. It took me some time to upload this. >.> Damn internet.

It sucks. Well said.


Is it just me, or does this thing look alive...?
Anyway, here's my project. I was supposed to make two but...well, it died. Yeah. let's stick with that. It's a dragonfly, but it looks scary to be one. xD
Must answer questions. Guh.
a.) What did you learn in making the butterflies?
> I learned that one must be patient when creating such a small and supposedly wonderful creature.
b.) Give at least three (3) significance of the artificial butterflies.
> Good ornaments without endangering the real species
> Fun to make. (gags)
> Can be created to suit one's taste.
c.) Post descriptions to sell this item.
> SELLING: Really ordinary but hard-made dragonfly. Does not fly, does not soar, but can be hung in a corner for decorating. Is white, plain white, with big oval wings and moving legs. Is believed to be alive, but that is just a rumor. Contact Jeanelle Saavedra for details.
Amen. xD


At last. It took me some time to upload this. The internet has been very...unreliable these days. Anyway, here you go.

Note: IT'S CRAPPY. I've crammed for this. I may be talented at drawing and art, but with creating things like this...I suck. T^T

Might as well answer these questions.

a.) How did you feel in making the picture frame?
> Honestly, I was disappointed. I know I can do better than this, but given the amount of time and work to be done, I couldn't. So viola. El crappy mucho.

b.) Compare your picture frame from other frames that are displayed in the department stores.
> The answer's quite simple, really. Though this work had been made with good effort and cramming, it will not profit when sold in the stores. Nobody would buy it. I wouldn't sell it at all.

>.> Guh.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sims 2 + Death note = HAPPINESS. :3

Here's a little something I've come across while browsing DA- Death note sims! OMFG! YES!

You can download it from the site. I'll post the url...someday. >.>

For now, here's a nice screenshot...suu!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hachimitsu to clover &hearts:- Kawaii Ai! x3

I bet you guys are tired of reading posts about Death note- so, as a good, friendly and loving author, I'm going to spare you guys and write about a cuter, harmless anime with no deaths or hatred, but pure kawaii ai &hearts:.

The said anime is entitled as Honey and Clover- or Hachimitsu to clover in Japanese. I've seen it in Animax, mind you, but you can watch it on Youtube or crunchyroll.

What's so special about this? Well, the story mainly revolves around a group of friends who study in the same Art school. And the fall in love with either each other or some other person outside their group- typical, maybe, but that's why it's so cute; it has a simple theme that all viewers can relate to.

It has a live action series too, but I haven't seen that one yet. >.< So sad. But if I do, I'll say so. Chuu!